There are certain occupations in this world which has some serious pros and cons, which impacts the overall image of a person and personal life too, just like some occupation which impacts the overall health of a person such as: Welder, electrician, labor etc. same is the case with some occupation such as: prostate, stripper etc. the moral hazard and benefits are more involved in stripping occupation. So let’s see what is job brings as an impact in the life of a person.  

Benefits of becoming a stripper are quite evident, overall the image of a person changes no matter a female is average looking, average body and average face cut, but after becoming a exotic female stripper in Sunshine coast she is treated as a symbol of sex and seduction, stripping is a job which requires a lot of confidence and passion. People who are in this occupation would understand the real meaning of becoming a stripper, certainly money is another benefit, the sexier, seductive and beautiful a female is she can earn more and more. But stripping is like an occupation which requires demand, the more demand the more money is on that stripper. However, strippers mint money when they visit some private parties and private shows which actually increase the demand of that stripper and allow them to get more and more money. In most of the countries the average age to induct as a stripper is 18 and max 50 (depends on the fitness and sex appeal of the female). Initially in 1800s there was a time when this new seductive form of dancing was introduced where females used to dance and tease, seduce the audience which has now become stripping (in which she actually takes off all her clothes for money). Furthermore, overall health of a stripper is better than an average female, because for their profession they have to eat right, workout and stay in the best of their health. 

On the contrary the cons attached to this job are quite dangerous, there is always a fear of being attacked by some bad guy, and there is always a fear of getting molested by anybody. Overall image of a stripper shatters badly and people don’t give respect unless they are really closed ones to the stripper or they are very broad minded. Respect factor vanishes as people consider a stripper as somebody whom they have seen naked in front of everyone. Still the acceptability of this occupation in some societies is rare, people judge very easily and overall the moral hazards increase badly for a stripper. Like we mentioned there are pros and cons of every job but few job requires a lot more than normal ones to survive.  female-escorts-night.jpg